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Privacy Policy

Service Charter

Seniors Inforrmation Service (SIS) aims to maximise the independence and improve the quality of life of older people, their families and carers by providing access to free information about the services and facilities available to them.

Your rights

as a client of SIS are to:

  • be treated as an individual and to have your preferences taken into account
  • be treated without discrimination
  • enjoy privacy and confidentiality
  • complain or to persue action to resolve a dispute
  • be safe when visiting SIS
  • have access to information about your rights and responsibilities
  • request translation or interpreting

Your responsibilities

It is important that you, as a client of SIS

  • respect the rights and needs of other people using SIS
  • treat SIS staff with courtesy
  • inform SIS staff if you have special needs which will affect the provision of their service to you


SIS values all feedback about the service. Negative feedback will be regarded as an opportunity to review SIS services and to make appropriate changes to assist future clients.

Clients have a right to:

  • make a formal complaint
  • nominate an advocate to act on their behalf
  • request to speak to the SIS manager
  • be provided with information about SIS' response and actions resulting from their complaints
If the issue remains unresolved, the client may discuss the matter with an executive member of the SIS management committee. If satisfaction is not received the client will then be referred to the appropriate agency.

Privacy and Confidentiality

he Seniors Information Service adhers to the Australian Privacy Principle (APPs) of the Privacy Amendment (Enhacing Privacy Prtection) Act 2012 which amends the Privacy Act 1998. For the latest version of the Acts visit the ComLaw website

The Privacy Act is the national legislation which ensures that organistions this includes NGOs, businesses and goverment agencies protect peoples personal information and are transparent about how they handle this information. The Privacy Principes regulates the handling of personal information. There are no 13 APPs. The APPs are designed to help ensure that the quality of personal information is complete accurate, up-to-date and used only for the purpose it was colleted.

The APPs assist people to mae more informe choice about how they want their personal information to be handled so they can decide whether they want to deal with paticular organisations (including NGOs and service provders) and busineses.

Senior Information Service is commited to protecting the privacy of individuals' personal information. SIS will only collect, use or disclose personal or anonymous information in accordance with this privacy policy.

I you are concerned about information Seniors Information Service may hold on your enquiry please conact our Privacy Officer at

Website Privacy

From our Internet Service Provider's log file, we gather the following information:

  • user's top level domain name (ISP server)
  • date and time of access to the site
  • pages accessed and documents downloaded

This information is collected to analyse and improve website performance.
No personably identifiable information is gathered.


Seniors Information Service is supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit the Department of Social Services website ( for more information. Although funding for this service has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.