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You are probably looking forward to retirement as a time when you can relax, enjoy more leisure time and take up hobbies and interests that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time.

Like most exciting life events retirement can involve stresses and challenges that you might not have anticipated.

So how can you plan your retirement to minimise the stresses and smooth the transition? Your financial future is only one consideration. Have you given any thought to other aspects of your retirement lifestyle?

Have you thought about where you might live? Will spending more time together affect your relationship? Now that you’ve finished work do you have an activity that will give you a sense of purpose? Have you established friendships and social activities outside of work?

The resources below will give you information and ideas so you know what to expect and how to plan a successful, fulfilling retirement.

Further information

Retirement Lifestyle 
A short fact sheet produced by the Seniors Information Service.

Retirement - Issues to Consider
A short fact sheet from the Better Health Channel in Victoria in consultation with Council on the Ageing.

A Guide to Retiring
comprehensive guide which covers all aspects of retiring. Published by the Queensland government Department of Communities



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